miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011

Capítulo 58: Reset

AL 35.0 Deluxe BIOS Rev. 2010

Main Processor : Inter Dual Coure 1+1=1
Memory testing : 120505.200310 OK

Detecting IDE drivers . . .

Primary master: Terr Asus 24L Pc (C:\)

Secondary slave:
Tott Er. XXXV Dual Mem. (D:\)

Verifing DMI Pool Data . . . . . . . . . .

CRC error in data

A problem has been detected and Withdos has been shut down to prevent damage to your soul

The problem seems to be caused by the following file:

Press F5


Menú de opciones avanzadas de Withdos
Seleccione una opción:

Modo seguro
Modo seguro con funciones de pareja
Modo seguro con símbolo de unión

Habilitar el registro de lo que se dijo
Habilitar modo YTúMás
Última etapa buena conocida ( etapa más reciente que funcionó)

Modo de restauración de Con.Fianza
Modo depuración

Iniciar Withdos normalmente
Regresar al menu de opciones del S.O

\Modo depuración

Boot from Hard Drive C:\

Auto Scan

Scaning for infected/damaged areas of disk C: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90% completed

Warning! Virus/Attack detected. General Antivirus engine has detected a possible harmful action from remote tiparraco on the world.

Trojan.Ale6.RepD. worm behaviur detected. It's highly recommended to remove this threat of your life.
/clean C:

Unable to clean. The virus cannot be removed

/clean clean clean clean clean cleaaaaannnnnn C:

0x001E : Error en la operación de disco. El usuario de la operación no tiene un perfil válido


0x0005: Error de inicio de sesión. Memoria insuficiente.


404 Error: File not found.

Press any key to continue_


Access denied. Press any key to return

/Control + Al +Suprimir
/Switch off C:

The half life device now can be safely removed from your heart


1000000000 bytes total conventional good past memories
Unknown bytes avaible to Windos
99999999999 bytes total free DIY memory
1 byte total Nxt-3M memory occuped

Urgent action is required

/D:\Format D:\L\ -Q

Warning: All data in D:\L\ will be lost
. Proceed with format? (Y/N)


Deleting file millow-of-a-down.avi
Deleting file meandyou.jpg . . .
Deleting file spell.slp . . .
Deleting file future.com . . .

CRC: An error was encountered while trying to format the hard disk. Try again

/D:\L\cd ..
/D:\ attrib \L\ -h

/Downloading a new life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1% completed

Time left: ¿¿¿????

0x220610 Acierto: El usuario no guarda rencor. El dispositivo está en condiciones de seguir adelante


Frase del día: "Taking off" (Somewhere over the rainbow)

Don't give names/you've got it all, you took it all away/drive me insane/who'd come down to earth, releasing me/healing my wounds/why don't you close the door when you're leaving me/now you'll run/running all the way back to me again.

It's not to end in shame/to fight an endless lie/i'm not to play a game/i won't be on your side.

(I) found a way/to reach myself again but all i saw was shame/drive me away/there's something deep in me waiting to escape/you think you know me/so why don't you close the door when you're here with me.

I'm here to end the game/i'm living in a lie/it's hard to give the same/i won't be on your side.

It's not the end in shame/to fight an endlesss lie/i'm not to play a game/i won't be on your side.

I loved you a lot/to need you a loot/i leave you alone...

3 comentarios:

  1. Holabuenas, que vengo a instalarle el lafletequieretote.exe, que veo que has formateado estupendamente.

    Feliz nueva versión de Al! :)

  2. tienes 7221 km de oportunidades para llenar ese nuevo disco duro....aprovechalo, sonrie y adelante!!:-) bonico!

  3. tendras q ayudarme ha formatear el mio .....mi disco duro está hecho un lio y veo q eres todo un experto , mejor dicho ,rectifico, creo q el mio no tiene arreglo..... un beso Al